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Meet the Heather's Harvest Family...


Heather - Managing Director
"More Jars Please Bob!..."


Robert Winrow - Executive chef
"What do you want now ;-0..."


Millicent  - Team Member, Production

Just show me once ;-0


It all started with a little baby red head .
After being blessed with motherhood I started my own little cottage industry to enable me to work from home , it grew through farmers markets and Made in Shropshire, My regular customers grew my business so its a big thanks to them.
Deli's and food shops sort our products out so we can now be found in lots of towns maybe near you ? If you cant find us feel free to contact me on line . Always happy to help . We out grew our home so now can be found in a quaint little cow barn  but  now all signs of cows have been replaced with the scent of jam and chutney. I am devoted to my business and very passionate about it , My back ground was restaurant catering so cooking in multiples doesn't phase me .  We have stayed with small batch to ensure that you get the individual  quality and flavour .
As Millicent my red head grows she is 17 going on 24 and wanting to be part of it rather than the reason for the business. I feel truely blessed with my true family and friends and continue to wish you all

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